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Naturopathic Treatment

I am a certified Lyme Specialist and my mission is to help my Lyme family. I have had Lyme disease since 2009. I have spent the past 10 years studying under Lyme Medical Doctors as well as Lyme Naturopaths and my life's work is the treatment of the invisible disease of Lyme.

I work alongside Lyme doctors and Infectious disease doctors for patients undergoing active treatment and those that are suffering chronic symptoms that the Lyme has left your body with. I use pH balancing to maintain homeostasis within the body, nutrition to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, and specialized protocols for the most complex of co-infections. I also optimize gut health and lymphatic system support to increase immune system function to fight the bacterial load.

Treatment options for acute or chronic symptoms available using nosode therapy to build antibodies against each bacteria to treat the lingering affects of Lyme symptoms and decrease bacterial load and restore function on a cellular level. 

I offer Live Blood Analysis to determine bacterial/parasitic infections, cellular health, and develop a treatment plan designed to help restore the body to optimal function. 



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