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Pure Health Infusion, PLLC    NOW OPEN!

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Available by appointment only starting 8/15/2022


Hydrate & Restore (1 hour) $149 OPENING SPECIAL $119

*Rehydrate your body and combat fatigue caused by dehydration. Rehydrates, detoxifies, restores essential vitamins, reduces inflammation, improves circulation.

Prevent & Recover (Meyer's Cocktail) $219 (1 hour)

*Most common IV therapy for restorative properties to alleviate chronic symptoms for chronic pain, asthma, poor immunity, chronic fatigue, and more. 

Post Viral Recovery (1 hour) $219

*Alleviate cold/flu, long-haul covid support, poor immune function. Helps with brain fog, fatigue, and affects of viral overload on the body. 

Lyme Disease Support/Recovery (1 hour) $199

*Helps with long term effects of Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, brain fog, low energy, pain/inflammation. 

NAC IV Therapy (1 hour) $149

*Improves immune system, liver detoxify and kidneys, improves brain and respiratory health, cognitive impairments, mood/depression, lung inflammation, fertility improvement, blood sugar balance, weight loss and more!

Glutathione IV Therapy (30min) $89

*Prevents chronic illness, restores oxidative stress, encourages mitochondrial growth, reduces recovery time, decreases inflammation, liver detoxify. 



Boosters can be a single treatment OR can be added to any IV treatment

Glutathione Intramuscular (IM injection) $59

Biotin IM or IV $30

Vitamin D3 IM only $40

B-complex IV or IM $40

B12 IV or IM $30

*Pure Health Infusion, PLLC is overseen by Medical Director Dr. Abdalla Sholi.

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