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Important information regarding Ivermectin!!!!!


It has been brought to my attention that people are buying Ivermectin from Tractor Supply and other suppliers to have this veterinarian prescribed drug “on hand” incase they were to contract Covid. This is NOT a drug to self medicate with or take internet advice from anyone other than a licensed medical doctor. This drug has SERIOUS side effects and adverse reactions with other medications, alcohol, illegal drugs, and herbal and over the counter medications that can lead to permanent damage to vital organs, seizures, paralysis, kidney and liver disorders and more! This drug is NOT to be taken unless a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR prescribes it specifically for you and monitoring labs to assure safety while under treatment of Ivermectin.

Below are the actions and interactions of Ivermectin to educate everyone on! Thank you for your time and attention to this important health update!

Dr. Andrea Sowden ND, CHHP, RN, BSN

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