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Wintertime means skin protection!

This amazing spf 50 facial sunscreen should be applied year round! We are seeing a rise in skin cancer due to blue rays from electronic devices. Skinceuticals covers all bases! It contains zinc and titanium which block all UVA/UVB rays and protects the skin from damage. Apply a teaspoon amount to cover the face, neck, ears, and backs of hands daily in the morning after washing and before moisturizing.

This is the #1 thing you can do to prevent aging and skin cancer!

Where to buy:

Thank you to my aesthetician Bri for reminding me how important this is!

HERB OF THE WEEK: Kava Kava!!!

I call this natures Xanax! This beautiful plant is so helpful for immediate relief of stress, worry and relaxation! It is to be used AS NEEDED only for anxiety, worry, stress and sleep as it can clog up the liver if taken in excess.

I use this in conjunction with other herbs or homeopathics for PTSD, trauma, anxiety, “overthinking” and anyone who has sleeping issues!

Comes in capsules and tea form however I do not recommend the tincture as it tastes horrid!

Excellent for the upcoming holiday season and decreasing stress on the brain and body!

*Always consult a Naturopath or your PCP before you begin any new regimen!

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