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Breast Cancer Awareness

October represents the month for breast cancer awareness. It is important to schedule yearly mammograms Or thermography scans and monthly self examination is key to early detection.

Avoiding sugar and processed foods is important to maintaining a healthy life and especially if you are going through treatment or choose not to have treatment, and more important in prevention.

A diet rich in antioxidants, greens and minimal animal protein has scientific benefits to heal and restore the body and aid in supporting immune system and cellular function.

Balancing your body and maintaining a urine pH level of 6.5-7 is key for absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.

Exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi, walking for 30-60 min 5 days a week keeps the body healthy on a cellular level.

There are many herbs such as Pau D’Arco, turmeric, rhodiola, and more that boost the immune system and help rid the body of free radicals.

To schedule a consultation and learn more of the benefits of natural medicine contact Pure Health today 570.669.3960.

Sending positivity and healing energy to all who have been affected by this disease!

💕Dr. Andrea Sowden ND, CHHP, RN, BSN

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