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My personal journey with Plants

I have taken a step to better my own health like many of you. Working covid units as a nurse the last year and a half and then opening a business I let the stress and bad habits take over! My Lyme Disease is well controlled but I have residual effects from it being undiagnosed for 5 years before I had any treatment. I have had severe pain in my knees and neck for years so for the last 16 days I have switched to Plant Based Nutrition and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

1. My sleep has improved and I’m not waking up in pain

2. My GI issues have resolved

3. I lost 12 lbs without exercise

4. I can walk down the steps normally not sideways and stiff and painful

5. My brain fog has improved and my mental focus is clearer

6. My energy is through the roof. No more “2 o’clock” feeling where I want to take a nap.

I challenge my patients who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, overweight, have chronic and severe health issues to try this for 30 days!

What do you have to lose?

Attached is a beginners nutrition plan! Happy Healing! ~Dr. Andrea Sowden

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